production date and other basic information

, Zhao Asia reminded that, at the time of receipt, you want to view the purchase of imported cosmetics Chinese label. Regular imported cosmetics should be issued by the Ministry of Health's health permits, "CIQ" laser logo affixed to the inspection and quarantine departments, and the name of the Chinese label products, ingredients, instructions for use, production date and other basic information. Xiao-Ya Zhao said, the publicity about cosmetics natural active ingredients do not fly. About 7,000 chemical substances can be used as a cosmetic raw material in the world, and the world, none of the corresponding project to establish a complete detection system, in the end is what the natural active ingredients, can achieve the effect of cosmetics instructions said, are difficult to verify. Currently, cosmetic testing is focused on the heavy metals, preservatives, ultraviolet absorbers, as well as some prohibited substances. Net purchases of imported cosmetics products wholly, low prices, and even be able to buy a domestic brand, loved by young people. . Chinese labels imported cosmetics, unknown sources of security of doubt, should be used with caution. Natural active ingredients difficult to verify Many cosmetics salesman stable "single-cell activation component, stem cell factor, a series of nouns of the active enzyme extracts, hydrophilic penetration of ingredients" to sell you products, its product efficacy vague, expressed confusing.