more and more cosmetics companies

Early as a number of the cosmetics testing the waters of e-commerce network platform has a unique advantage, they have occupied the market party, although not yet to a dominate, but gratifying situation so that they more optimistic on the future development. Last year's performance is extremely gratifying, showed a 50% to 200% growth, whereas the growth of the village Ann cosmetics mall even miraculous 310%. The person in charge of the U.S. priority goods Estate, sales the magic multiplier Analysis said: this doubling growth mainly due to the rapid growth of the Internet, of course, the most important thing is its own platform for building and brand strategy, seize opportunities and certainly better than What are the important cosmetics electricity provider industry in the next five years will be achieved steady and rapid growth. Said about 2013 electricity providers will face new shuffle and winter of the year, many cosmetics network sales charge of per capita optimistic: we use sales to crush rumors. Army of online shopping, women account for a higher proportion of female Japanese enterprises as the main consumer groups of online shopping is full of longing. Procter & Gamble, IELTS Lauder, Mary Kay, all began to test the water commerce. Recently, L'Oreal earnings conference also said that sales of its high-end cosmetics Lancome shop online attempt is successful, to prove that the Internet has become a good distribution channels of the L'Oreal. Previously, Yu Mei Jing Xie Fu Chun, a hundred bird Ling made old early online selling hot. Now, more and more cosmetics companies began to notice the importance of e-commerce. The same time, the identification of their "importance" is not simply built on top of the supplement to the traditional cosmetics brand channels, online channels but the main channels to begin operating as a cosmetics sales. Of course, such a keen grasp of the future trends in the foreign brands, particularly reflected. Estate, Mall CEO Long Yali the 2013 cosmetics dispute is particularly optimistic about the market is used to competition, the only competition will prompt us to the next level, this year, our goal is to win the U.S. priority goods, she said: . In her view some cosmetics companies must focus, professional, and strengthen strong position in certain segments, do fit the needs of niche products. It is understood that the Estate, Mall will launch its own brand, which is an important measure to achieve a breakthrough, but also do the vertical electric providers killer. The last few years of e-commerce surging cosmetics in occupying third place in the ranking of all sales, and some early test the water brand cosmetics network sales are also booming economic tide tasted the sweetness of their success but also many Japanese enterprises envy eyes, It is understood that the Commodity giant test the water network sales ratio has accounted for more than ninety percent, e-commerce has brought huge profits has been market-proven, the network has become a daily chemical enterprises shall do not attach importance to the channels.